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Top 5 Things to Do for an Ideal Visit to San Diego

San Diego Dreamin’

Experience San Diego and you will get to know California in a nutshell, as San Diego is the birthplace of the state. What’s fabulous about San Diego? America’s most amazing Zoo, USS Midway Museum where you can sit in the cockpit of a plane and talk to the veteran volunteers, beautiful beaches & romantic sunsets over the Pacific Ocean, mouthwatering seafood and Mexican cuisine and much more... See a list of the things you shouldn't miss when you go to San Diego.  

Point Loma: where you can get the best panoramic view of San Diego

…and watch a marvelous sunset over Pacific. You should take at least three hours for Point Loma, to enjoy the view of San Diego Bay, scout the small caves and enjoy the cool sea life – snails, crabs, fish, octopi mind their daily activities in tide pools. On your way to Point Loma, don’t forget about Cabrillo monument (honoring Cabrillo, discoverer of San Diego bay).  

USS Midway Museum: where you can fly like a pilot

… in a flight simulator, of course. After this cool, great experience you will get an idea about what pilots really do. You need at least four hours to enjoy this visit, as we know the real jets and airplanes you will walk into are quite impressive. After hearing real stories told by guides and volunteer veterans and seeing interesting exhibits and aircrafts from different years you’ll understand why Midway visit is a must.  

San Diego Zoo: because it is a Zoo like no other

Have you ever imagined that you can go o a safari in the middle of civilization? Well, at San Diego Zoo you can do it! You can meet and get a better understanding of giant pandas, koalas, cheetahs and other rare animals during a safari. Or you can opt for a classical visit at the Zoo, enjoy magic shows (like the Whale show) and discover a world-class botanical garden.  

Oscar’s Mexican Seafood: and you'll understand the full meaning of “scrumptious”

Whether you’re hungry or not, once you are there you’ll be craving for fresh seafood tacos, spicy shrimp tacos or the amazing octopus salad. When you are in La Jolla neighborhood, make sure you stop at 703 Turquoise St. and try a divine taco.  

Take a sunset cruise to seize the spirit of San Diego

San Diego’s strikingly beautiful skyline is best discovered while you sip a cocktail and listen to exquisite music. We recommend you to take an entertaining cruise, where dancing & dining add to breathtaking views of the city, taking close-up pictures of dolphins and sea-lions and, if you are brave enough, maybe even steering the boat!  

Useful tips:

- GoSanDiego Card gives you free admission to attractions, activities and tours and discounts to some restaurants. You can save up to 40% with this card.   - Don’t you just love those pictures with people standing on the edge of a “suspended” rock that looks like it will break? If you go to Potato Chip Rock and take a photo from the right angle you’ll have the memory of a lifetime. Looking like a chip (thus the name), the rock creates a spectacular optical illusion if photographed from a certain angle: you’ll be on top of the world, on a thin, suspended piece of rock that could break at any time.     Photo courtesy: swapnild, Jaganath Achari, Jan Wachtmeester

Top 5 Places in San Francisco

The Golden Gate to a Perfect Vacation

  A San Francisco visit is an unforgettable ‘Attraction Rush’ that will make you rich for life. But what should you do first in a city where every neighborhood’s personality draws tourists like a magnet and even dining out is an attraction in itself? Don’t panic! We narrowed down the options to a list of top places & activities in San Fran. This way, you’ll get to experience the famous eccentric ‘Frisco spirit, taste its mouthwatering cuisine and discover the city’s unique secrets (which you’ll be eager to share with the whole world).  

Alcatraz gives you cold sweats and awesome memories

Would you dare to step into Al ‘Scarface’ Capone’s cell and sit on the chair where George ‘Machine Gun’ Kelly used to dine? Then you must escape to Alcatraz, America’s first military prison. The list of the criminals doing time there was rather short: about 250 fellows. But each and every one of them was on America’s Most Wanted list. The Rock’s most appraised tour is Alcatraz Night Tour. You’ll take a self guided tour and hear the story of the prison in your headphones, sometimes narrated by the prisoners who inhabited it. The Rock looks exactly as it was when closed down. So this will probably make even more interesting your walk in the moonlit rooms, while you hear in your headphones creepy sounds of clinking forks and knives (when you visit the dining room). The tour is exciting, haunting and eerie. But that’s exactly how you want it to be, isn’t it? And a piece of advice: book the tour weeks in advance so you make sure you visit Alcatraz when you come to San Francisco.  

Fisherman’s Wharf: great walk & amazing views

Roaming around the Wharf is fun and instructive. Musee Mecanique displays an impressive collection of arcade machines that will entertain you for hours and at USS Pampanito you get the chance to visit a World War II submarine which sank six Imperial Japanese ships. While you walk around the bay, don’t forget to say hello to the sea lions, listen to the talented street musicians and maybe enjoy a ferry ride.  

Swan Oyster Depot: where you savor fresh-off-the-boat seafood

 Are you hungry? Swan Oyster Depot is ten minutes away from the Wharf and people who visited swear that they could come to San Fran just to have a meal at the most special place on the planet. After you try it, tell us what you enjoyed the most: the flavor of the smoked fish, the insanely fresh oysters or the five-star seafood cocktail? Be careful! The clam chowder is so good it’s addictive! Golden Gate Bridge: San Francisco’s most famous icon In movies, postcards, pictures… it doesn’t matter where, but EVERYBODY saw Golden Gate Bridge at least once. It is an amazing experience to walk or cross by bike ‘the most photographed bridge in the world’ (according to Frommer’s Travel Guide).  

Sutro Baths: a well-kept magnificent secret

      The eccentric millionaire Adolph Sutro had big plans in 1894: he built a huge extravagant public bathhouse that could accommodate 10.000 people at the same time. Today only the ruins of this visionary and ambitious project can be visited. But the immensity of the construction and its position next to the ocean makes the place look dramatic and beautiful. The romantics appreciate the picturesque sunsets, cold salty breeze and the sounds of waves crashing onto the rocks. It is definitely the Wonderland of passionate photographers. And it is beyond doubt a San Francisco landmark worth visiting.    

What are your favorite places to visit in San Francisco? Leave a comment!

5 Activities for a Top Holiday in Monterey

Monterey Bay Aquarium: where sea otters and penguins become your best friends

Built at the ocean’s edge, the Aquarium is a sheer delight for visitors of all ages. Luna, the cutest sea otter you’ve ever seen, will impress youwith her story: she was once an orphan, but the Aquarium staff saved her and took care of her. Now she is happy and grateful. Don’tmiss the jelly fish, the sea lions, assist the open sea feeding of turtles, tuna, sharks and many others marine animals.

Monterey Peninsula Recreational Trail: breathtaking views & friendly seals


Maybe you want to take a walk along the coast or ride the bike in the morning, feeling the ocean’s breeze in your hair. Or perhaps you would like to sit on a bench and admire the infinite ocean, go on a romantic picnic on one of the beautiful sandy beaches or have dinner at a restaurant next to the ocean. No matter which of these options you choose, you will enjoy every moment spent there.  

Wine Tasting Tour because Monterey County wines are a blast

If you want to go on a wine tasting trip, but don’t feel like driving from place to place, then the best thing to do is to buy tickets for a wine tasting tour. You will be picked up in the morning by a trolley which will take you to several wineries and tasting rooms. Usually, the price of a trip also includes a free bottle of wine and a meal with cheese and fruits that make the wine even tastier. But besides this, you’ll get to buy fabulous quality wines to enjoy later, at home. It is almost certain the wine tasting trip will start off with a group of quiet people and end with the same group, only louder, merrier and funnier.

 Beautiful Harbor Cruise: the icing on the cake

You can choose a classical boat or a glass-bottomed boat when you take the whale watching tour. Whichever you prefer, just grab sunscreen lotion, warm clothes, a hat, a camera and GO! You’ll understand what the fuss is all about before you go on the boat, when you meet people who take the tour the second or third time. If you are lucky, you’ll see dolphins, Orca, Blue Whales, Humpback Whales, birds. But true magic will occur when the dolphins or the Humpback Whales calves feel like playing, jump out of water and flap around.  

Lopez Restaurante y Cantina if you are a true fan of fresh and spicy

The Mexican culinary legacy is a blessing for locals and tourists alike. Burritos topped with tomatillo sauce, chips and salsa, of course, super combo fajitas (chicken and shrimp) are just some of the amazing dishes you can order at Lopez Restaurante y Cantina. The food portions are really big and delicious, the staff is friendly and the atmosphere is relaxing. And we have two more tips for a PERFECT experience: try the margaritas and the fried ice cream.   California’s capital city for almost 100 years under Mexican and Spanish flags, Monterey is now famous for dazzling coastline views, golf, shopping, its highly educational and entertaining aquarium, water sports and wonderful Mexican cuisine. Choose Monterey as your holiday destination and plan your trip so you make the most of it. You can find below some of the most interesting and fun things to do in Monterey.  

Have you been to Monterey? What was a special experience for you?

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