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The Ten Most Photogenic Places in California

Narrowing this list down to just ten is a very hard thing to do when there are truly countless beautiful places to photograph in the state of California. For now though, these are the best of the best.   Yosemite CAPhoto If there were only one place you could go to in all of California, Yosemite is the place to go to. It has absolutely everything for the outdoors lover: waterfalls, hiking, rock climbing, forests, rivers, you name it. Even if you were to  photograph this national park for your entire life, not all of what is has to offer could be captured. Be sure not to miss the Half Dome hike and Glacier Point.   Hollywood/Sunset Blvd CAPhoto2 On the complete other end of the spectrum is Sunset Blvd and Hollywood Blvd. These two streets have helped form Los Angles into was it is today. Along them you’ll find The Pantages, Grauman’s Chinese Theater, The Roxy, and more famous and iconic spots. No one could forget about the stars, and the famous foot and handprints in the ground that are there too. Another great thing to see (and photograph) are all the people who dress up as their favorite movie star. Though Hollywood and Sunset Blvd are awesome during the day, prepared to be blown away at night when all the flashy lights come on.   Venice Beach CAPhoto3 The thing that makes Venice Beach a great spot for photographing is that it has a bit of everything. There’s the boardwalk, the canals, muscle beach, and the street performers. Don’t leave out the beach itself while getting caught up in all the other goodies. The people plus the various landscapes make this an ideal spot to spend the day snapping away.   McArthur-Burney Falls CAPhoto4 Found in northern California, this gem of a place exhibits an absolutely beautiful waterfall that makes those at Yosemite envious. All photographers should see these falls, especially because they are easy access and have lots of good vantage points.  The waterfalls cascade down into a large clear pool.   Old Town Sacramento CAPhoto5 The look and feel of Old Town Sacramento is one to be cherished. The couple of blocks in the middle of California’s capitol captures a time now lost. Wondering the streets, you are in a western movie, complete with shops, street vendors and saloons. There is also an amazing train museum, and only five minutes east is the California State Capitol building.   The Racetrack of Death Valley CAPhoto6 Only accessed by 4 wheel drive vehicles down a 28 mile road, this mysterious places has rocks that seem to move on their own, leaving a track behind them. Being as it is very remote, not too many venture here, but for the photographer, it’s worth it. There is probably some scientific explanation for the rocks’ movements, but no matter what the reason, it’s still an awesome phenomenon and the photographs turn out really cool. There are many other places worth exploring in Death Valley, including Ubehebe Crater, Teakettle Junction, and Lost Burro Mine.   The High Sierras CAPhoto7 The High Sierras in the center of California are a range of mountains that provide spectacular views that lead to spectacular pictures. Mt. Whitney is a popular hike and outlines the basics, but if you’re not willing to make the hike you can drive to the Horseshoe Meadows campgrounds where access to the Cottonwood Lakes can be found. These high up series of pristine and under visited lakes will create beautiful photographs. If you want to spend even less energy, take a drive up to Mammoth and you will still be about to see the Sierras.   Sunset Cliffs CAPhoto8 Located in San Diego, Sunset Cliffs is the ideal beach. It has a bit of everything. Not too crowded and rather private with stairs leading down the beach below, there are rock carvings created by the waves, lots of green moss, and tide pools. It is truly a photographer’s playground. There is the occasional wedding, prom, and family shoots, but there is lots of room to wonder around.   The Redwoods CAPhoto9 Within the Sequoia and Redwoods National Park are some of the tallest trees in the world, which, in turn, make for some pretty impressive pictures. The Sequoias are known for being the oldest of trees. These massive things inspire awe and are not to be missed.   Big Sur CAPhoto10 Known for its coastline, California boosts some of the best ocean views from Pacific Coast Highway. Big Sur is, quite simply, the best of the best of what California has to offer for sea vistas. It’s a 60-mile drive in all, but each new turn seems to be better than the last, especially with the various bridges and a waterfall that falls to the beach. It is very possible to get lost in time here while clicking away.          

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