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The Mammoth mountains are calling!

"Winter" in California will soon be wrapping up, and everybody knows what that means! Only a few more chances to grab your boards (the other ones) and head up to Mammoth for some fresh powder, sun, and shredding. A short drive from anywhere in Cali, Mammoth mountain will make you forget that you are even on the West Coast. With it's beautiful scenery, amazing resorts, and plenty of runs to choose from, it's a guaranteed good time. Source: Boardworld Youtube Channel 

Laguna Beach: Relaxation at it's Best

Are you a fan of ocean activities or a true art lover? What do you do to relax? Spend a day at the beach, swimming and getting tanned, or maybe you’d rather admire some creative, fresh art pieces? At Laguna Beach, a small quaint town south of Los Angeles, you don’t have to choose. An amazing stretch of coastline and beautiful cliff top settings are natural gifts of this city. They called thousands of artists throughout the years and now Laguna Beach can boast with dozens of art galleries and renowned art festivals. The exquisite atmosphere wouldn’t have been complete without the high number of classy boutiques, where you find everything from seashell chandeliers to wind chimes. Go to the beach: and you’ll find heaven It goes without saying that the seven miles of amazing sandy beaches are a thrill for any beachgoer. Many tourists like to go for a swim and soak up the sun. But surfing on California’s best waves and diving into the magical underwater world are also common activities among visitors and locals. And we’ll share a little local secret with you: try the 1000 steps beach. You’ll feel as if you rented your own beach. It is true that climbing up and down the 200+ steps can be a bit difficult. But the gorgeous empty beach is very rewarding, we assure you. Laguna Beach Artwalk: FREE art, music, drinks and friends Every first Thursday of each month is Open Studios Day in Laguna Beach. If you are an art lover, this event is custom made for you. But even if you are just an amateur, we are sure you’ll enjoy the event. Artists are onsite and very fun to talk to. They usually tell interesting stories about their work so you’ll get valuable insights. Above all, almost all galleries offer free wine and other drinks, free snacks & live music. Take the Artwalk and feel the great artistic vibe! Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari: have you ever kissed a dolphin? From tens of dolphins and cute baby dolphins jumping in and out of water to majestic Blue Whales, you’ll get to admire the most amazing creatures of the marine world. After seeing bottlenose dolphins, Gray Whales, Humpback Whales, Orca Whales, this ocean adventure will become your favorite excursion and you’ll come back every year to meet your marine friends. Laguna Culinary Classes: become a gourmet professional and impress your friends and family It’s fun and educative. You explore different culinary styles and techniques and learn to prepare delicious menus. Only top notch ingredients are used and the best part is that you can take the food home. If you are a wine lover, you’ll surely like Wine Basics course or Food & Wine Pairing classes. Wouldn’t it be nice to go home after your relaxing holiday and be a pro in pairing wine with your favorite dishes? Eva’s – a Caribbean Kitchen: where awesome meets fresh and tasty Of course, the rum: sugar cane rum, vanilla rum, mango rum. And any kind of Caribbean cocktails based on rum you can think of for a tipsy fun time. But beyond this, the fish here is really fresh, the jerk pork is mind-blowing and the Callaloo soup (made with okra, coconut milk, clam and lobster base) will definitely become the favorite dish of seafood lovers.

5 Activities for a Top Holiday in Monterey

Monterey Bay Aquarium: where sea otters and penguins become your best friends

Built at the ocean’s edge, the Aquarium is a sheer delight for visitors of all ages. Luna, the cutest sea otter you’ve ever seen, will impress youwith her story: she was once an orphan, but the Aquarium staff saved her and took care of her. Now she is happy and grateful. Don’tmiss the jelly fish, the sea lions, assist the open sea feeding of turtles, tuna, sharks and many others marine animals.

Monterey Peninsula Recreational Trail: breathtaking views & friendly seals


Maybe you want to take a walk along the coast or ride the bike in the morning, feeling the ocean’s breeze in your hair. Or perhaps you would like to sit on a bench and admire the infinite ocean, go on a romantic picnic on one of the beautiful sandy beaches or have dinner at a restaurant next to the ocean. No matter which of these options you choose, you will enjoy every moment spent there.  

Wine Tasting Tour because Monterey County wines are a blast

If you want to go on a wine tasting trip, but don’t feel like driving from place to place, then the best thing to do is to buy tickets for a wine tasting tour. You will be picked up in the morning by a trolley which will take you to several wineries and tasting rooms. Usually, the price of a trip also includes a free bottle of wine and a meal with cheese and fruits that make the wine even tastier. But besides this, you’ll get to buy fabulous quality wines to enjoy later, at home. It is almost certain the wine tasting trip will start off with a group of quiet people and end with the same group, only louder, merrier and funnier.

 Beautiful Harbor Cruise: the icing on the cake

You can choose a classical boat or a glass-bottomed boat when you take the whale watching tour. Whichever you prefer, just grab sunscreen lotion, warm clothes, a hat, a camera and GO! You’ll understand what the fuss is all about before you go on the boat, when you meet people who take the tour the second or third time. If you are lucky, you’ll see dolphins, Orca, Blue Whales, Humpback Whales, birds. But true magic will occur when the dolphins or the Humpback Whales calves feel like playing, jump out of water and flap around.  

Lopez Restaurante y Cantina if you are a true fan of fresh and spicy

The Mexican culinary legacy is a blessing for locals and tourists alike. Burritos topped with tomatillo sauce, chips and salsa, of course, super combo fajitas (chicken and shrimp) are just some of the amazing dishes you can order at Lopez Restaurante y Cantina. The food portions are really big and delicious, the staff is friendly and the atmosphere is relaxing. And we have two more tips for a PERFECT experience: try the margaritas and the fried ice cream.   California’s capital city for almost 100 years under Mexican and Spanish flags, Monterey is now famous for dazzling coastline views, golf, shopping, its highly educational and entertaining aquarium, water sports and wonderful Mexican cuisine. Choose Monterey as your holiday destination and plan your trip so you make the most of it. You can find below some of the most interesting and fun things to do in Monterey.  

Have you been to Monterey? What was a special experience for you?

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